Hi All
I have a problem.

I have been having some problems with my PC so I called technical support and they suggested that I should re install the drivers. I entered the CD with the Vista Drivers, followed the instructions after a while a black screen appears with this:

Bad or missing Command Interpreter
Enter the full shell command line:
command.com /P /E:256

What should I do? It is stack there?

Also the CD label said:
P5Q PRO/P5Q Series
Intel P45 Chipset Support DVD Rev.374.04


hi dears!!
i missed vcl50.bpl

After a lot of search, I found the problem. I forgot the DVD with the drivers inside the PC. So after the installation, when it rebooted, it rebooted from the DVD.

After I removed the disc and restarted my computer, it worked OK.

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