I REALLY dislike school. My computer class is a waste of my time. I'm in Computer Literacy (Beginning Computers); and we so far have learned... Word Processing and Spread Sheet, not even with the Microsoft Office software, but using a 1994 copy of Microsoft Works. My school is the "finest" in the district. :(

Bleh.. I hate Computer Literacy. I would have been in Managing Computer Systems, but I got cut from the class when it was minimized to three students; I wasn't here on the selection day.


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Aww, that sucks. But it's almost Christmas break. In any case, if it makes you feel any better, I hate school too! :P


Two years ago in my computer class we learned touch typing almost exclusively for the first 3/4 of the semester, and for the rest we learned Wordperfect and Presentations. This was especially borning since I was already a touch typist when I started the class, and knew how to make WP documents and presentations.

Last year I took two computer classes: Computer engineering and computer science. Computer engineering is the one where we learned to build and take apart computers. Fairly neat stuff. The second one, was programming. However, to my horror, I discovered that we were covering QuickBASIC for the whole year. I mean come on, even most of the principles of programming in QB don't transfer to newer languages, so it's pretty much a totally useless course. At least I managed to snag a 97% in the course, by handing in a 2-player chess engine I wrote for my final project.

At least it was an easy course. :p


That's cool. Yeah, I'm taking some easy computer courses as well - but they're mixed in with some really challenging ones.


you know what is the worst computer cource. discrete math. i cant stand the class but i guess it helps out on logic and stuff like that but i havent gotten anything out of it and the instructor sucks as well. but what can you do i guess. :(

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