Hey guys,

I'm new to these forums, and I just registered to ask about a problem that I've never encountered before. Right now I'm the techie handling the server + computers in my high school journalism class (newspaper). So now the question...

I've installed pagemaker on the computers, running windows 2000 pro, and they work fine as long as im logged into the administrator account. However, when trying to start the program (Pagemaker 7.0) as a Restricted User, with only Read / Execute, an error message pops up saying that "a temporary file cannot be created". I've already tried giving the User account full access to all files within the whole Pagemaker directory, but the same error message appears.

In addition, I've asked many people at school an nobody seems to know. Hopefully i can find answers here...

Thanks :!:

I'd guess that "a temporary file cannot be created" because write permissions are required.

The trick is to find where the temporary file is being written to. It's possible that there's some other directory where they're at. All you'll need to do is find that directory, and change the permissions there.

As to what directory that is, I'd have no idea. I haven't used Pagemaker since Aldus owned it, and that was on a Mac.