Howdy, I am a simple housewife, but hubby is an instructor for High Tech Institute. I have some questions and can't seem to find my answers anywhere else. Eventually I will be handing my place here to my hubby. He too has lots of questions. I feel his job is accomidating him just to keep him quiet. He teaches some Computer Networking and Computer repair. He has a few certificates but no degree. The school is now telling him that he needs a degree in Computer Networking and Security. He is under the impression that this is an Associates degree. I went to the University of Computer Tech. and I went for my Associates in Computer Science. Can someone tell me how this is the same. I had a lot more classes and needed a lot more credits than what they are saying he needs. They are allowing him to use past education for a few of the credits. But he apparently only needs 66 credits to get this degree and only 16 of them are gen ed credits. And from what I am seeing, they are all in Psychology. No math, english, sciences, or history. I argue with him that this degree that he is getting will not be able to be used at any other job than exactly what he is doing now. So if he wants to get a better job, this degree in Computer Networking and security will not expand his horizons. Am I correct in saying this. Would someone please tell me what the differences are in an Associate degree and a degree in Computer Networking. Thanks :-|

I've never heard of a 'degree in Computer Networking and Security', but maybe someplace now offers one. Generally, an 'associate' degree is like a 'half bachelor' degree - i.e. it implies you've finished a couple of years of general coursework that specializes in (in this case) computer science. Networking and Security both sound like the subject of a single course.

Now that you ask, since you seem to have the degree and he doesn't, why doesn't he become the househusband and you do the teaching! :-)

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