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I'm not an expert, but seeing no one has answered this in a day and you obviously need a solution quick, I have three things you can try:

1. Run Ad-aware and scan your computer for bad programs,
2. Reinstall IE or,
3. Try another browser.


Thanks for your reply. I have already run adaware, spybot, and my antivirus with no results.

I can't install IE6 because it was a factory installation with WinXP. I wouldn't even know where to start. I have sent an email to Microsoft Tech Support, and posted this question on another board also.

Hopefully others may have more ideas.

Thanks for taking the time to help.




Just to get a fix on what your looking at are you running any tool bar

like yahoo, msn if your not try installing one of them and see if it takes overs the browser

there is a program i used but the problem i had was when i hit a link it would take me a search engine


Do you have a pop-up blocker? Try turning it off. (Obviously this wouldn't be the case for *all* links, but for any links going to pop-ups/new windows, this is a common problem.)

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