Congratulations essential.

Dear members,

We have the power to act only. We do not have the power to influence the result therefore we must act without the anticipation of the result without succumbing to inaction.

The Knowledge, the object of knowledge and the knower are the three factors which motivate action; the senses, the work and the doer comprise the threefold basis of action.

To jephthah & serkan,
To the illumined man or woman, a clod of dirt, a stone, and gold are the same.

Danny, Ramy, Scott, AD,JC, Tux, serkan, Jephthah, Tom and many more friends - I appreciate your knowledge sharing. I will remember you in my pray.


now i should behave like a serkan and i should deviate from the topic asking "in what religion are you going to pray"?

Also please include Marty Friedman in your pray too, as he is the inspiration for the many good feelings i have such as sharing.

A word Pray is not belongs to any religion or religious activities.

I asked it because i like the spirituality exposed by indian religions.
it is relaxing for the soul.

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••••then what??? looool what's the criteria??
Don't ask me, I just joined Daniweb.
-Tommy (For Great Justice!) Gunn

haha with 152 posts and 34 solved ones you must be a old hand at daniweb

All i care about is becoming Super Mod.

Now there's a disturbing thought :)

i swear there's less drama at a middle school girl's slumber party than there is in a typical Serkan thread.

Yeah, and you like it don't you? I mean why else would you read them?

I'll tell you why I read them:
I disagree with 99% of the posts Serkan makes, but I have to say that he makes life in the geek's lounge a bit more colorful with his threads, so the 'featured poster' badge rightfully belongs to him :)

I pay absolutely no attention to solved threads, because I agree, it doesn't work very well. Getting a badge isn't important for most members either, and maybe you should think why you are really here - to get help or give help.

Quoted for truth.

If someone wants my badge, ask Dani politely and I'll be more then happy to give it away. I personally don't give a rats ass about it.

but I'll still probably get banned before the year is out.

Also quoted for truth :) How many infractions do you have so far?

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What is the big deal about these badges anyway ? It isn't a real badge that you can show off to the kids playing monopoly and say, "Take a good look at my featured poster badge. I am a famous personality. k. bai!!! :twisted: " .


Stop whining Serkan. Every programmer/poster has his day. Patience is the key. Right ?

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To put everybody mind in peace here is your "why essential, but what about Ramy and Scott".

I made nomination of essential for featured poster which was approved. My reasons to do so? In very short period essential is here, he become great asset. Most of his post (some 3/4 of all his posts) are supported by coding to help with issue or provide an example on which to explain suggested approach. There is no moaning or making fun of poster, essential is straight to the point.
I do not care how long you here, how many posts you made and if people giving you reputation points. What I care is what you post and is it helpful. Do this and you can be next nominee.

So do not blame dani or davey for not knowing who is good in what, as they cannot spend whole time looking on quality of posts in every forum section.

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I nominate this the most entertaining thread of the month. ;)

By the way, if you donate you will be consider special.

...Now if I only could figure who's essential

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If I may ask. Why do you want to be a super mod? I mean, you are stupendous man already. What's a super mod in comparison?

he wants to ban me permanently :D

No, I don't believe that! He has too much fun with you.

Hi everyone,
I only want to share all the knowledge i have to all the people who need it with or without those badges. Sorry if someone hates that...