Don't you love when Visual Studio severely crashes? I really hate those moments because I am always afraid that if it is a problem of VS and not a problem in my code, I am in trouble...

Some time ago I explained The strange case of Visual Studio 2008 severely crashing loading an add-in that was caused by Visual Studio commandbars. Fortunately the cause of this problem and a workaround was known.

I also opened a bug report at Microsoft Connect due to Application of custom attribute crashes VS 2008 (VB) still with SP1 applied. This causes a crash in the VB 2008 compiler. While Microsoft closed the report as "not reproducible" I am glad that they have reopened it recently and they sent me some "dumping" tools to install on my computer and send them back more information to get a clue about the problem since it is not reproducible with a few lines of code. Hopefully this one can be fixed because it is preventing me to migrate to VS 2008.

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