Hi all,my name is tom,last name is not oxygen and i just joined this community 1 week ago and i am a computer newb and this web is so great!!!
Can anyone tell me more about that ranking stuff?moderator?senior postor??
How do you become one of them? :cheesy:

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Hey there Tom! Well ... your Title is based on the number of posts you have. Right now, with only 13 posts under your belt, you're a Junior Poster :) Eventually, you can move up in the ranks. If you'd like, you could purchase a forum subscription for less than $5/month which grants you the right to come up with your own forum title, but I digress.

The moderators are those folks who lead up all of our forum communities ... there are C++ moderators, web hosting moderators, etc. Then there are super moderators - they're the law in this town :) They make sure everything is running smoothly and under control. Then there's me - your trust forum admin.

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