Hello Everyone,

I've been thinking a lot lately about the internet and how much harder it has become to create a lucrative business such as Google. My question to everyone is basically: what does the internet still need? If you're unsure, what types of sites still have potential?

I'm really interested in hearing people's opinions here because I just can't find any good articles on the internet on this matter.

Thank you! :D

The Internet still has avenues to explore, some to be exploited.

Something like google is a good example, search engines were around before google, but they made it work and innovated the entire concept of ranking websites, now they're a billion dollar company.

E-commerce, shopping, affiliates etc will always be big online as will the adult industry and online gambling. I believe content rich websites providing informative information (what the web was intended for) will always be a good option for making residual income.

Every idea has been thought of, try looking at those that are succesful and thinking of ways to adapt them. :)

Thank you, talkfreelance. You make a good point about content rich websites. I'll try to keep your points in mind as I generate some ideas.

- Evan

Every idea has been thought of

I´ll guarantee you that not every idea has been thought of. But I suggest also that nobody here has come up with them yet, or they would have done it...:lol:

except maybe Dani...

That's the great things about a free enterprise system. However, people always favor a company that goes the extra mile to improve a certain "thing". With that said, I think that there has to be something that has yet to have its "time" in the world. It's just hard to find it.

I´ll guarantee you that not every idea has been thought of.

Sure it has, a looong time ago. Haven't you ever heard this statement?

"Everything that can be invented has been invented."

-Charles H. Duell, Commissioner, U.S. Office of Patents, 1899.


Eh, gimme a break. Have you ever heard of a car that can go into space? No. Now that may sound stupid, but the idea of a computer that can do almost anything probably would have sounded stupid to someone living in the 1800's. Basically, that's just a false statement.

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