Hi all,

My name is Kevin and I am somewhat of a rookie when it comes to technical stuff!

I look forward to working with you people and meeting new friends.

Anyone else from canada give me a shout out!

I run a few sites and so I am always looking for help or people to work on my sites..lol ;)

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Hey Kevin, welcome to Daniweb. I am also from Canada. I am from Rockland near Ottawa.

We all start as rookies at some point in our life but we are all here to help those in need of help so stick around, ask a bunch of questions and I am sure lots of people will be glad to answer them.


Hey thanks guys, I appreciate your welcomes!

Belama, Im from Sask. the flattest place on earth!
You can see your dog running away for miles!


Hey, I'm from Canada too. I'm from around Ottawa actually. Nice to see there's people from around here :) I'm new to Daniweb so hello to all.

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