Does anyone here have any experience with Western Union Bidpay?
Someone wants to buy something from me and wants to pay through this service but im not sure if it can be trusted with a huge amount of money.
I would like to have some comments on the service.


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I used BidPay once or twice without any problems, but just for small amounts.

If someone is paying you for something, as long as you wait until the money is safely in your account before shipping the item (or providing the service), you should be okay.


Thx for the reply... but I dont need to use it anymore.

It's my computer I have for sale and the person was like giving me orders in what to do. He/she told me to buy everything I need and tell the price after when that person should decide whether he/she wants something added to the pc or not. And then tell me he/she must receive it soon and I never said I accepted her/his offer. So the person told me the item must be sent when the money is safe with bidpay. I dont want to take a risk with someone like this so I refused.

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