If you are the GoogleBot, you are probably reading this. Why? Well, your creator, the rapidly evolving Google Inc, who might I add has prevented many execs at Microsoft and Yahoo from sleeping well at night, released its Blog search feature today, which indexes RSS and Atom feeds.

It’s a feature that last July I actually speculated would materialize. I wrote, in an article on W3Reports, the following:

There’s a growing base of individuals, mostly bloggers, pondering the thought that the search giant Google, Inc. may be making a calculated move by looking for files that in some cases simply don’t exist. The files that the Google’s spider, known as “GoogleBot has reportedly requested from thousands blogs around the net all share the same filenames -- atom.xml, and index.rdf.

Atom.xml is the default file for an XML content syndication system, known as Atom. (Visit http://www.atomenabled.org/ for more information). Google’s Blogger.com service also utilizes this syndication format

We can expect to see MSN and Yahoo following suit quickly, as they always seem to do. To access the Google Blogsearch feature, visit http://blogsearch.google.com.