I just went to WebmasterWorld and noticed that ... well ... it no longer exists? It looks as if it is now http://www.searchengineworld.com/ although I'm still a little confused. There are only a very few forums. Was this a merger? Hmm ...

Ahh, it just looks like they're upgrading servers. And they have us temporily at SearchEngineWorld until the transfer is finished (by Monday morning). Not as big a deal as I thought. Continue along, folks. Nothing to see here.

That looks like an old version of the database. The latest posts are from 10/11/05

Member files are updating.
Give it a half hour to fully populate.

eg: it takes a long time to upload 150k member files!

A large data center outage in Chicago has left several thousand servers offline. To compound matters even worse, the data center was home to DNS servers by WestHost. We will be temporarily keeping tabs on stuff here.