VMware has bashed Microsofts partnership with XenSource and upcoming opensource virtualization software company. They are saying that is a "one way street" and that they are betraying their opensource roots. The deal allows better intergration for para-virtualization of Windows on the Xen software.

I find this odd seeing as how VMware is not a free opensource program which doesnt allow them to make them any arguements against opensource companies. Also that why try and bash another company for something you could do, but wont. Instead of moaning about unfairness I think VMware should just make their program better and since Xen is opensource they could even base their improvements off what makes their software so much better. They did mention that they hope a new standard will come of this for linux and windows para-virtualization with VMware and Xen.

You can read the whole story here:

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VMware are just bitter because it's Microsoft. I wonder what they would have said if, say, Google had bought Xen?


Microsoft didnt buy Xen they just made an agreement that they will allow better support for xen virtualization of thier products. Im not sure on the details of whether or not they allowed them access to some source code or what.

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