Hello everyone,
I'm new here but hopefully I'm not double posting something already in another thread.

The problem is that I'm not quite sur I'm using the correct keywords to search... Anyway back to my issue :

I've just acquired a laptop last month and as I have more or less the same use for it then my main computer (that is with mobility obviously), I'm always forced to "update" files from one computer to the other with a local network or with any external drive I may have around.

Ideally speaking, I would like to have some kind of smart synchronization of my user files on both computers, even dough it's quite a "huge" folder, that would suit perfectly my needs. I have no idea if it's possible to simply have a program that would only send what's new to the other computer whenever something have changed on one or the other, the same kind of programs one would have between a smart phone and computer...

If you have any idea of program doing something close to this please feel free to guide me.

Hope I've been clear enough.



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These programs are open source and easy to use but most of them can't automate the synchronization.

Do you want to automate the synchronization so that you won't have to run the soft yourself each time you want to synchronize the content of the two computer's folders ?

Well. Did you try File Sync? im not sur but it seems to be the app you need for file synchronization. It's here

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