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My name is Ron. I work for a PR company in their IT department as a report developer. Specifically, I am using SQL Server Reporting services and Crystal to develop reports for our company's intranet. I started at this company 2 1/2 years ago as a desktop support intern while taking full time courses at ITT Tech.

Here is the Irony. I'm in a really interesting situation, because the degree I'm getting is more specific in network engineering and IT. So, at school I learn about configuring Cisco routers/switching, routing protocols, topologies... etc... And then i come to work and learn about databases and writing long stored procedures and queries and I am in a development environment...

I'm also concerned about the reputation of my college. Many people are skeptical of ITT Tech and their programs, and part of me regrets the decision to take courses here. But, live and learn. I'm getting the impression that alot of employers just like to see that you have a degree in this field, and experience is more important. But then again, i've heard that some companies prefer a more prestigious education.

Thankfully i work for a reputable company and I have some experience. So, hopefully employers can see past the college I attended if they have a problem with it.. Continuing my eduction will be mostly through certifications on top of my degree..

Anyway, sorry to unload all this on you.. Looks like i have 3 routes i can take.. Network/Systems administration, Database administration, or Software development...

Should I pursue software development... I like the hours, flexability and creating programs... But I like networking.. can be fun to go around and fix networks... Or Database administration. I've heard this pays alot cause it could be kind of boring and not enough qualified people.. Or just do it all as a consultant down the road??

I don't know. I might just stay at the company I'm at for awhile because their treating me pretty well and get some more experience.. But wanted to get some insight from you IT guru's about my situation. Thanks for reading!

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You didn't mention any good experience or education in programming, if you have that background it's something to consider but I'm under the impression that programming is the focus where employers care the most about your education. I'd say look for jobs in both the networking and database field while you're still working for your current employer, See what jobs come up. When you have experience in multiple fields the job you pick often comes down to how you fit in the company or what's available in your area, so keep your options open and see what really clicks with you.

As for ITT tech, it's not the best respected school by any means. But it's accredited and if you have good experience, references, and interviewing skills you should be fine. Just focus on you as a person and employee, convince them you know what you're doing and that you'll be a benefit to their company and the name on your degree wont matter too much.

Hi Olycomputers,

Thanks for your reply. My only real programming experience has been within the last year. I've learned T-SQL with some Visual Basic in a .net environment. So, i have little experience in that realm. I took this new position last year to get familiar with SQL.

I think i might take your advice and pursue database administration or networking jobs because that seems to be a better fit for me. A good DBA would need to know SQL well, so there's my programming aspect within my administration duties. :-)

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