well I am inside a network(LAN) and my system has the application server running and database server running....(time being).

Now i test the application using loop back...

but how to load this application from a system in the same LAN...this i tried but it is not working..
http://<my system ip address>/folder/file.php

somebody please help me


can you please tell me how to configure database server and application server and how do the clients connect to the database server.
At present I have installed oracle8i database on a server and I have made it the domain and all applications are installed in it and also users are created for logging into the server.
Now I want to go for Two Servers .One as database server which I plan to keep in the above server.
I want to configure one more server for application and checking the users authentication.
My question is how do I connect these two servers and how do the users connect to the database server through the application server after authentication.
Please suggest how to proceed.

I can't know how to access a system which is upon a LAN network??????

i should b able to access all his data by sitting upon my PC

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