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Hey there

It depends what you are looking to use it for. I have a Mac Mini and i was so impressed with it that i have now moved onto the new Imac. If you are looking for a system that can do video, photo editing then i would go for the Mac mini every time, just coz you get the likes of ImovieHD, which is so easy and effective. However if you are used to Windows and work with it elsewhere then i would say to go for the barebone system you were looking at as there are still a few issues with compatability. The other thing to say about Mac's is that although the spec numbers of the processor etc are not as high as a Pc, the fact that Apple makes MAC OSX means that they can fine tune it well and the performance is still very decent.

Hope this helps



I would go for the mac mini. It's very fast and reliable, especially since it's running mac os x, which is light years ahead of windows.

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