xsilverrock30x@yahoo.com PLEASE HELP.... My issue is when the computer fell about 6inches on it's side. the power button would not come on. So I changed out the power supply and have some power back,such as the dvd drive door opens, and the mother board comes right on. But now the power button light don't come on. and nothing comes on the monitor now. It is a new monitor and the adjustments for color and light options are the only thing that shows on the monitor. what possibly could of went bad and even caused the power supply to go bad. the power supply is new now but what else should I be looking for when a computer falls. any suggetions would be appreciated. Thank you for your expertise.

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Time to throw it 6' under the ground.. Kidding.. This is a serious problem. Anyway, suggestions:

check the video card for damages
maybe the power led or the front panel buttons are just disconnected

Other than that, you can wait for other more experienced members to post here.

open it up.

Check that the motherboard is not cracked and that none of the capacitators (the cyclindrical things) are leaking

you may want to check if you have a video card(not an integrated one),that you have not loosened it in it's vga,pci,pci-e slot.try reseating it.take it out and firmly place it back,i would also check all cables and make sure none are loose.don't be concerned if you have loose power cables coming from your power supply as there are almost always unused ones for expansion purposes.

mmm also check that ram and cpu are seated. thet may have popped out

double check the power supply connectors are fully in the holes, and in the correct ones

mmm also check that ram and cpu are seated. thet may have popped out

Yes this is important......

One time i took my ram card out and when i put it back in it wasnt down far enough and all i got was BEEPING..

Good luck Silverrock,welcome to Daniweb!

Yea i had the same problem with the RAM, although the RAM was in properly, I just think the second RAM slot is faulty.

I did that once and [luckily] all that happened was that 2 of my hard drives got killed. So you might end up needing to do something there as well...

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