I have downloaded and installed Windows Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2 so that Web pages that I choose to print will be properly sized on the paper. I printed a couple of Web pages and though the print is indeed sized correctly, now the text size is too small. I have already selected the Largest Text Size on my IE browser but still seem to print small. Any suggestions on what I might be doing wrong? Thank you.

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This could be a setting in your printer driver.

There is also a setting "Shrink web page to fit paper" in the browser settings.

You also didn't mention your printer make and model. Some printers have limited fonts and sizes.

You may have also selected a base font which can't get any larger. There are a few of those, particularly monospace fonts. If enlarged more, they turn into pixelated messes.


I have the HP phtosmart and it to is printing web pages too small. It has th shrink to fit but how can I put it to stay at 100%?


To clear things up, the printer is an HP phtosmart 7160. I only have the problem of too small print when printing something from the web. I can get it to print right by going to shrink to fit andchanging it to 100% but is there a way to have it stay at 100%?


Look for the setting "Shrink to fit" in the web browser settings. Then look for a setting "set default" to lock it in.

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