Hey Daniweb forum members, I'm Michael, Or mike for short.
Im 17 years old.
Toronto, Ontario.
Im going to school next year for police foundations.
Im currently in a Canadian goverment program called Katimavik, Im a youth volunteer across the country. Im interested in computers and the information techy section. Well Im not totally sure, but I do enjoy working with them, So I'm hoping joining this forum will give me a better understanding of the technology and potentially see myself working in the area? well we will see how it goes. Thanks guys. Don't hesitate to ask any questions about myself. I hope you would do the same and just remember im a nub :)

Hey there! Welcome to DaniWeb :)

Welcome to the forum Mike. Enjoy posting comments here and stay connected.

mike, welcome to the forum, and nice to meet u! Hope u could enjoy the stay!