To be straight this is why I just changed over to mac, plus the fact that they are the prime target for viruses/spyware/adware and hackers/crackers plus much more bad stuf, is this a true rumor that they have long term plans to charge their customers utility? By utility meaning that you'd have to pay them a monthly fee to use their products and OS or else it would stop working...if it is true I'd believe it'd happen around the time longhorn comes out so switch while you still can

Are you sure? Where'd you hear this? Got a news link or something?

no, of course microsoft wouldn't say anything about this to news media or anything until they actually decide to do this if at all (I think it's likely they will since they have a monopoly and everything), but I did hear this from the IT professional that works at my dads buisiness, and just think about it, it does sound logical doesn't it? ;)

what are they trying to do? drive their users away?

most users are stuck with windows, they have a monopoly so they can do basically anything they want;)