I'm one of those people who has to test the waters before entering...so after 26 postings here I am.
Name: dcc
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 180 lbs
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Location: Northern California Foothills.
Age: 53
Hobbies: Reading, Camping, fishing, and now computers.
Relationship: Single, cohabit with two cats.
Education: I started as an Applied Piano major in 1971 at
the University of Kentucky, and finished up
with a pair of Associate Science degrees in
1995 from a couple of California Junior
Colleges... I was in no rush.
Memberships: Still waiting to join the "Procarstinators of
America" club.
Music: Classical, R&B, Bluegrass, Country.
Work: Journeyman Electrician.
Favorite food: It seems anything that will clog an artery.
Favorite Movies: Classics from the 19030s-1950s, or if I'm
looking for an escape..anything with
gratuitous sex and violence.
Favorite TV Shows: Science and History channels, Northern
Exposure, and the Si-Fi channel.
Video Games: I'm not really a game person.
Likes: People I can learn from, live music, the great
outdoors, people who don't take themselves
too seriously, and a good joke.
Dislikes: People who can't seem to latch onto the concept
of tact, and people who don't pruph reed thre'
I'm looking forward to learning from you, and contributing when and where I can. dcc

Welcome dcc, looking forward to hearing more from you...

Welcome dcc! I guess you liked the waters. :D

Hey there dcc! Welcome to DaniWeb :)