For all of his help that he has contributed to the daniweb community, I would like to announce caperjack as June's Member of the Month. Among all our moderators, he has been doing a great job catering to the overwhelming number of HijackThis logs in our Security forum. His work is definitely more than appreciated!

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Great Job!

At work, when you are cited for something like this, the winner has to bring in some munchies. I'd love to have some virutal brownies! :)

Think it is a great idea.


Well done, caperjack!

(I'm sure you could PM those 'virtual brownies')


We can add virtual milk and virtual chocolate cake to the list. Anyways, good job caperjack!

Caperjack, you know what it's time for now, don't ya? Edit your profile and write up a bio for the staff page :)

Now there's a point, Dani.

Where's the Bio page gone? There used to be a 'Quick links' button, or something like that, which gave quick access to Inbox, Staff Bios and a few other functions. I don't see it anymore. What happened?

The staff info link was moved to the page footer. The Quick Links had to be removed to make room for the searchbox in the header, in addition for the added link to our forum rules in the header.

For quick access to your private messages, click the private messages link to the right of the SEOGUY button right below the purple header. (Where it says Welcome, username) For access to everything else, check out the User CP link in the purple navigation.

Thank you. I feel silly now!

(Who the hell ever looks at the stuff at bottom of page? )

Thank you. I feel silly now!

(Who the hell ever looks at the stuff at bottom of page? )

Absolutely no one. :cool: Any book on web usability will tell you this. The only thing people look for at the bottom of each page is copyright information. I don't think people would expect staff info on the bottom. :p

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