When clicking a link that starts a new browser window the window is always minimized and I have to click the maximize icon to enlarge it - or use alt.space.x.

Is there some registry or other setting that I can change to avoid the need to enlarge each new window.

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Try this: after you enlarge it, close it using File, Close instead of the X. Next time one is opened, it should open full size. This is what has worked for me in the past.

If DLH's tip doesn't solve it, try closing the maximized window with Shift-X.

Btw, for both tips, close any other browser windows which are open. You want to use them on the last open window.

Thanks for your replies but unfortunately they didn't work.
Actually the problem is bigger than I mentioned as new windows don't even display any data.
I have re-installed IE6 (windows 98se) but the "no display" is still there.

I think the minimized problem started with installing the Google toolbar but they claimed it couldn't be that. And I think the other may have started when I uninstalled the Google toolbar trying to fix the minimized problem.

Thanks anyway and I'll keep fiddling - fortunately it's only a problem if a link starts a new window and I can work around that; although with much more trouble than just clicking a button.

I fixed the problem by no longer using Internet Explorer, except when Big Brother makes me of course. Firefox is good.

I found this great little piece of freeware at:


It is the IE New Window Maximizer and it sits silently in the sysytem tray and automatically maximizes any windows in IE.

If you drag the window bigger with you mouse,[not maximize with the buttons ] and ALT and the X in the top right ,to exit ,should work ,it might not take affect till after a computer reboot but usually works for me.

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