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It's well into 2004 here now at 03:45.

I'm just running around sending texts and emails and posting new year messages after getting back from a new year party. It's snowed here as well tonight :D

So have a great 2004 and I hope it bring you all everything you hope and wish for.

(Sorry for those who are still stuck in 2003 at this point ;))


Happy New Year



Everyone get hoem safe from your respective partys!!!

Oh, believe me its gonna be a good year!!!! Bush Chenney 2004, what more could you ask for !!! Stocks are up(My Blue Chips)!!!! Let the good times roll........a special thanks goes out to........... the democratic party for being such dumba****. And securing the WHITEHOUSE for the real majority of Americans. Also my uncle TED http://www.skullbonepark.com/nugent.jpg .The war on terror shall continue tis year GOD(Jesus)
BLESS AMERICA. And another special thanks to our special forces my brother a US ARMY http://www.armyranger.com/

Peace hapy new year. If your in america remember who died for your freedom.


Here's hoping everyone has a happy, healthy and safe New Year!

I need to know where I can watch the ball drop on the internet at exactly 12:00 am Pacific time on the internet, because we do not have cabnle or an antenna for our t.v? Is their a way? I only have 24 minutes left! please help!


Happy New Year everyone :) I didn't bother to stay up that late -- went to sleep at 9:45 pm because I have to be at work bright and early this morning.


You're just a tad bit late for 2009 :) Or are you working on 2010 already ?

Hehe, I am just a perpetual procrastinator. Good things take their time.

How long does New Year last anyway? Just a day or all year?

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