Greetings y'all! Happy New Year! (Or Happy Holidays for those who do not believe in calendar events.)

Height: adequate
Weight: extremely adequate
Hair: once was brown
Eyes: still blue (after all these years)
Location: WA
Age: daily

Learning new things, dreams of internet riches, tending to my so-called investments, wondering where the time goes...

Relationship Status:

Favorite Music:
KT Tunstall, Boston, Lyle Lovett, Bruce Hornesby, Enya, Blue Man Group, Kevin Eubanks, ...

United States Military Academy
University of Washington

Software Developer

Favorite Food:
Breyers Vanilla Ice Cream with Kahlua

Favorite Movies:
what was the name of that movie...about...what was it about?

Favorite TV Shows:
Red Dwarf, Myth Busters, How Things are Made, Jay Leno (before the time change), Numbers.

Favorite Video Games:
Colossal Cave Adventure , Tempest, Spaceward Ho!, Starcraft.

Stuff you Dislike:
People who get all self-righteous about giving away other people's money - the Entitlegensia.

Welcome to DaniWeb -- don't be so afraid of showing your age :) We are all another year older now.

Glad to have you here! Looking forward to learn and share new things with you soon!