hi everybody..i would like anybody who can help me give an idea of any project that can use bluetooth as it's main objective.i have a bluetooth microchip and i don't have any idea how to use it.so please help me ;)

What is a bluetooth microchip ?

BTW you can build a bluetooth remote control. You can control your TV using a bluetooth enabled phone.

Is this project enough ?

The Bluetooth radio is built into a small microchip and operates in the 2.4Ghz band, a globally available frequency band ensuring communication compatibility worldwide. It uses frequency hopping spread spectrum, which changes its signal 1600 times per second which helps to avoid interception by unauthorized parties. In addition software controls and identity coding built into each microchip ensure that only those units preset by their owners can communicate.

With the current specification, up to seven slave devices can be set to communicate with a master radio in one device. This connection of devices (slaves and master) is called a piconet. Several piconets can be linked together to form scatternets which allow communication between other device configurations.

yup these project are okey

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