I have some html ability and am able to code a web site to do a lot of things. I also have 300+ hours of Oracle Database administration, so I understand how a rational database works. I just do not have the ability to get the front end and the backend of a web site to work together.

A company has hired me to do their web site and is totally aware of my inabilities. Some of my other administrative skills have helped land me this job. They are willing to pay for whatever training that I need to do what they want me to do, but I do not know what is best. I have looked on the web but do not know the difference between all the different codes and programs that are out there. asp, net dreamweaver, flash, etc. etc. etc.

Now for the questions, what would be the best to get me to where I need to go the fastest and then I could continue to fine tune from there. This is a large manufacturing company that actually is seven different entities and will actually be have products being purchased from the site.

Thanks for your help in advance,
BJB :?:

you could hire me to do it for you.

if you do not like that answer you will have to let us know what you are able to run on the web server. It is what is going to limit your choices.


Give me the details of your server.

I can give you a solution in pretty much any enviornment.

Right off the bat if PHP is an option I say go tat route.. easier language to learn/use.

If this is not a Web app and your looking to go the professional route with this..

I would say C# .NET is your best choice.

seems to me that the best choice is php

Like I have stated elsewhere here... PHP is not "the best choice" if the server you are using does not support it. It is a no brainer... your choices are limited by what your server can support. It is also limited by your knowledge. You said that you have 300+ hrs of Database admin which is what 7.5 Weeks+ at 40hrs/week and you said that you "have some html ability".

I think you are in over your head and you should take a class after finding out what your server can run so you take the right class. I am not saying this to be mean but with no programming experience... you are going to find it quite difficult... even with your 7.5 weeks of database admin experience.

Another question is just how much training is the company willing to allow before they want the product? You gave a vague description of the project, but it sounds like you'll need something like ASP.NET or PHP to deliver. ASP.NET is not something that can be picked up like HTML. You'll likely need weeks and weeks (if not months) of training and practice depending on the complexity of the project.

It doesn't sound like the best situation to be in. Get more information about the company's expectations.

Well I agree on some levels and not on others for example...

Not enough HTML skills .. Agreed

But I am just saying that you can learn the baiscs of PHP in a few hours to be honest...

THe documentation thats on php.net is simply amazing and the examples provided give you everything you need.

ASP.NET yes.. you need training.

The site that is in question..

What are you trying to make here exactly?

What is the complexity of this project? scope?

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