My name is Yoram, nick is easy: YRM..

Originally im a allround web developer but last couple of years only making ria's with flex flash php and sometimes some java.
I'm a big fan of AS3.0 but DONT like flex, like php but LOVE the zend framework HATE HTML and CSS.

Currently im trying to invest some time in learning c/c++ and just becoming a better programmer and i hope ya'll wanna help me ;)


Hey YRM, nice to meet you. I too am learning C++ currently, I think this community has a lot to offer for us!

Nice to meet you to!

Whenever i have a problem i normally let google do its magic but with most of my c++ problems i ended up here anyway so i also believe there's allot to learn over here!

Just out of curiosity what made you choose c++ as the next thing to learn and not becoming more proficient in a language you already knew a little (Java)?


welcome ....

I know just css and xhtml and some Javascript .......... I'm more into photography!

Have fun