Hello my name is Mario Goicochea I'm from peru and im in college hopping to earn a computer science degree and then move on and get a real nice job. I've been saving for years to open my own business and I think thats what Im going to do after college... so why am I studying to be a programmer? well I always loved it and I like solving things, I was told that computer science classes were mostly "lab" classes rather than memorizing, taking test hopping to pass a class... I love doing things . I so do not love memorizing stuff I know I will forget in few weeks so yeah thats the main reason I chose programming. I will open an ice cream,snacks,minibar store and my biggest dream is to create a programm to run everysingle detail of my store. since invoices, schedules, costumer databases, punch in punch outs for employees, etc..... a program that would say build by Mario Goicochea! not because I want to show it off , not at all! I just want it so bad anddd i do not know why XD :) .

oh and yeah sorry my English is horrible I know I know lol so yeah im out and thx for reading.... and sorry for grammar, and so on :)

welcome Mario! I'm resisting the urge to say, "Hey! It's a me, Mario!". So far so good. Wait, what? Oops

haha never mind me. :P

best wishes following your dreams. it sounds really cool, and i think you can do it.