Hello, my name is Mike and I currently run and own mlbcenter.com. Our Head Tech Suport guy just quite because of time issues so I'm here to look for a new one. Our forums have been around since June 2003 and we have over 1,400 members already. They're located at forums.mlbcenter.com.

So, I'm looking for someone who not only knows a great deal about computers and computer problems, but also likes baseball and will be able to be at our forums. I'll tell you a little about my site. It is a baseball gaming/news site, where you can find interviews from ex-major leaguers to reviews of baseball games and other view games, previews, upoad script/file server for addons for the PC video baseball games, and much more. We try to be as user friendly as possible. We are also having a chat session with current MLB player Mike Venafro tomorrow night.

BTW, we're working on version2 which will be much more in-depth. Well, enough of that. If you are interested, please either send me a pm or reply to this topic with credentials you feel necessary. Thanks!

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Hey, that's really cool. I like your forums. I think i'd like them even more if I could see them ;) but you can't go wrong with vBulletin either way. I wish I could help but I know nothing at all about sports.

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