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My worst secret is that I thought this was a serious thread, but then clicked the link and loled at those poor peoples' broken hearts, but I don't want you guys to know I thought the link was mildly funny, so instead, I leave you with this: stop spamming daniweb, you suck.

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Yes, he does suck.

I eat raw bacon. Or were you expecting me to tell you where my marijuana and poppy fields are? Perhaps where I buried all the gold bullion?


I suggest to people all the time to use parameterized queries. Cross-forum. C#, VB, ASP.NET. Just now in Java.

I never use them.


*They don't fit how I've developed my reusable data access code and how I generally program data-bound objects. However, I've kicked around ideas of how to incorporate them without completely reinventing the proverbial wheel. Probably moreso out of guilt over always recommending but never using them.


I have done so many things but we can not call them worst because i never did anything to hurt someone, it can be worst for me.

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And now you've crashed through the bottom of the barrel and become a spammer
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