What is everybody's worst secret? Time to confess everyone :)

My worst secret is that I thought this was a serious thread, but then clicked the link and loled at those poor peoples' broken hearts, but I don't want you guys to know I thought the link was mildly funny, so instead, I leave you with this: stop spamming daniweb, you suck.

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I eat raw bacon. Or were you expecting me to tell you where my marijuana and poppy fields are? Perhaps where I buried all the gold bullion?

I suggest to people all the time to use parameterized queries. Cross-forum. C#, VB, ASP.NET. Just now in Java.

I never use them.


*They don't fit how I've developed my reusable data access code and how I generally program data-bound objects. However, I've kicked around ideas of how to incorporate them without completely reinventing the proverbial wheel. Probably moreso out of guilt over always recommending but never using them.

the moment you tell people your worst secret it's by definition no longer a secret...

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I have done so many things but we can not call them worst because i never did anything to hurt someone, it can be worst for me.

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