I went surfing for some basic information, and found myself directed to this site. I did not find my information here, and that banner at the top of the page makes this site rather annoying. I really haven't found any answers at other places, but I haven't found anyone to talk at my level either. I thus am willling to hang around for a time and give this site a chance.

Just for note: I am someone that has a number of years writing VBA and Visual Studio (VB, C#, etc.) code for business. I am now unemployed (when you do a good job, you work yourself out of a job) and looking at C++ to write my own on-line game. NO, I do NOT like what other people are doing, so I am at ground level attempting to do things my way. I am finding it strange that I can do some things that I consider hard, but not other things that I consider to be easy. I am presently stymied by wanting to up my code to a higher level, but what I consider really newbie problems to be freezing my work.

Anyway, such is me.

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hi and welcome.

i kind of missed your point. are you saying you don't like people? that's cool i dont either. i'm just here trying to roll my post count past 2000.

anyhow, see you around. good luck finding what you're looking for.

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