Before I ask my question, may I please just get it out there that I know nothing about computers? I'm really a computer idiot, and so, please try to take that into consideration. :D

Okay, so, my monitor says 'No Input Signal'. I've checked to make sure that it's plugged in properly, and even plugged it into my laptop to see if there was a problem with the cable or even the monitor itself, and it works fine. I've figured as much that there's something wrong with the connection inside the tower, but the problem is I don't know what. I've tried giving everything that looks like a plug a push to make sure that nothing is loose, but still, 'No Input Signal'.

I've recently been downloading a lot of things onto my desktop, and that has been slowing down my computer quite a bit. Also, whenever I open Windows Explorer, it crashes and tells me something along the lines of 'Problem encountered. Windows Explorer was closed down to avoid losing information.' etc. I figured that that has something to do with how I changed the default location of My Documents (and everything in it) and also the Desktop to a different drive. But the problem had never been major enough to shut my computer off completely.

Also, just before my monitor stopped showing anything, I had been attempting to turn on my computer, only to have it freeze completely after BitComet tells me that it's not running properly and has to shut down.

I'm not so sure what has happened, and am afraid that something had burned out in the tower. So. Help?

When a computer shuts down on its own it's a power or motherboard hardware problem.

If software is reporting an error or the system is freezing, then the problem in order of likelihood according to my experience (might not be so in your case, of course) is:

1. Device driver causing internal conflicts which would corrupt kernel functions

2. One of your RAM cards is misbehaving or not properly seated. Can be tested by removing one and running with the other, paying attention to the remaining card being in slot 0.

3. A component isn't functioning properly - such as on-board graphics. If a monitor says 'no signal', it means that the computer isn't putting out a signal. That could be because the device has been disabled (by a person or by itself if told to by other software).

I frankly don't think you're gonna get that fixed here through the forum. The PC and screen need to be put in the hands of someone who's good at this stuff. Hopefully you have a friend who fits the bill.

I will most likely take it to a IT technician, but I just figured that maybe someone has had similar problems and knew how to deal with it. Thanks anyway. >__<

does your keyboard lits up when you power on your pc? does caps lock respond after powering on for about a minute?

if pc doesn't lit up.. might be a motherboard problem...

if it lits up but caps lock no response.. could be a motherboard problem also

if it lits up and caps lock also got response then your video card might have some problem...

if you don't know the basic on how to deal with hardware then better take an IT guy.... or try to do it yourself carefully... check out google for basic pc troubleshooting..

basically what the thread saided on the last page is what my computer also went throught

Possible Solutions

Ensure the hardware is working fine
Ensure that monitor switch is turned on and the monitor receives the required power supply.
Interchange the monitor with better one of the same interface.
Ensure that there are no software or configuration changes.
Check the front panel display controls for fuzzy characters

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