Hi all , i don't know where to post this so i post here , i hope i don't lead any trouble to all ...
Recently , I searched some information about NIIT , i found that it is stated as " the largest IT trainer in world " , is that true ? And Im from Malaysia , im thinking to study Diploma in IT by NIIT , is that good ? Will it be recognised by other countries oversea ?
I would like to know what's your view towards NIIT...thx ! ^^

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I am a X-Employee of NIIT in india, And I would like to share some few things that will give more advantage for you to continue the studies in NIIT.

NIIT is a well-known instittute in India and It always different from other instutions bcoz, your faculty will not proceed the subject without attending the online test, once he get the eligibility to teach then only allowed to take class for the students. (Now you cleared sure the faculty for you is got the knowledge of your subject)

The syllabus they providing you is the standard and the latest one which will followed in the industry. They also providing E-learning method, that is you can know the subject by yourself if you are not satisfy with your faculty or to upgrade your knowledge in that subject.

Have mockup test, so you can attempt many online papers to trained yourself for the examination.

If you have the talent of analysis, then their material is there to help you in all the way.

So 95% guarantee for your study in NIIT. At the same time the course fee is too high! But always worth!.

I see... sounds good , NIIT. And is NIIT world recognised ?

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Yes, It is world recognised, if you have the analysis and learning capability, then there is a standard to give you a good career path...

And i found out that NIIT is having partnership with IBM , Microsoft , Sun Microsystem , Oracle...... so after i graduated will I be able to work or learn in those companies ?

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You can able to work based on your scorecard. And If you cleared certifications of oracle, microsoft etc...

And is there any bad side or others' comments on NIIT ?

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If you are not worry about to spend money for your growth, then its worth! A good institute... No more Comments.... No other computer institutes have such course materials and opportunities. Keep in touch! I will give many ideas after you joined. Best of luck!!!

Thanks a lot for the information ^^ , i have gotten what i enquired for .. Can i just simply e-mail you when i have any question about NIIT or IT in india in future ( thinking to go india for IT in future haha ) ?

is this one of the universities that forces their students to program in Turbo C++?

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Yeah sure Chichiro. Send me an mail at any time. This is my id: [email]snipped[/email]

Hi jephthah,
They will start you career from Turbo C & C++, bcoz there you have all the basic things that you have to learn about the programming.

They will start you career from Turbo C & C++, bcoz there you have all the basic things that you have to learn about the programming.

that is such a bad joke. these poor students, they come to our C forum in droves, completely clueless and perpetually on the wrong track. And they're totally helpless to remedy the situation because their instructors literally FORCE them to use this antiquated, non-standard, non-portable Turbo C crap.

you'd think that a university that charges so much, would not require their students to use a compiler and development environment that has been obsolete for going on 20 years Yet they insist that they do so, and wont let them use one of many freely available modern C compiler that adhere to the standards

when you say "Start your career" you really mean "sabotage your career".. or "retard your career"

unless, as i suspect, you're just churning out telephone Tech Support operators for your mega Call Centers, then I guess it doenst much matter.

i pity your students. what a waste of money.


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Hi jephthah,

I didnt know how dedicated you to the course. Anyway Its your opinion. Thnks

What J is trying to say with his "I know more than you" attitude is there are many NEW compilers that are available free and since the last Turbo compiler is 20 years old you should consider an updated compiler -- still free. That way you can concentrate on Standard concepts and not teach things that are not available in the industry.

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Lol!!!! Cool!!!!!!!!

yeah, sorry, but I'm just totally confused, and I have to ask "why"

why does an institute that ostensibly has the purpose to train students in the latest technology, why do they insist their students use 20-year old obsolete compilers?

I mean, what's wrong with these people? Can we get an instructor or administrator from this place to explain their rationale? I really want to hear how they can justify teaching these deprecated and non-portable concepts when modern standards-compliant development environments are freely available?

It's like some kind of bizarre conspiracy.

Wow ! sharp questions , can you all tell more about C ? I wish to learn more ...I'm sorry if i have annoying you all , but i just started to step in this field , i have no any basic yet....thx

yes. if you're on windows OS, download and install a free full-featured C development environment, with a modern compiler that is standard compliant. I recommend CodeBlocks, make sure you get the download with the "MinGW" compiler.

Microsoft's Visual C++ compiler (MSVC) is also quality, but the free (express) version is not full-featured. you will need to pay for the full package.

when someone at NIIT tells you to use Turbo C, laugh in their face and ask "a 20-year old obsolete compiler? whatever on earth for?"

if you have more specific programming questions, come to the C forum. many people there to help.


Thx , i will try it out , but i think i still need to work harder to get know what C actually is before i have specified questions about it , hehe...

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Hi Everybody,

Chichiro is expecting to learn c and even she has no idea about the compilers (I never know) that whatever it is Turboc c or c++ is also worth for her, but I am not going to argue about why institutes start from there?, bcoz this thread is not about that she is just asking suggestion to start their studies in NIIT (Please go to their brouchers and see they also have latest version for all courses expect that c and c++), but now its going on in different way. Jephtah, you can start a new thread for that.

no, this thread is appropriate.

we have constant problems with many students in the C and C++ forums being taught in an incompetent manner on deprecated systems using obsolete coding practices, and apparently they are largely coming from NIIT.

personally, i'd like to hear a representative from NIIT come on here and defend the policy of using 20-year-old non-standard compilers, deprecated libraries that are incompatable with the rest of western civilization.

its not like there arent other options available. its not like they're even saving money. full-featured C and C++ development environments are available with standard-compliant compilers. and they're completely free.

it's not like this is some obscure language. this is C and C++, probably teh most popular and widely programmed language, used in multiple arenas. if NIIT will hobble their students with crap compilers like Turbo C++, there's no telling what other kind of garbage they're passing off


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Go to the nearest NIIT center and Ask yourself.... LOL.

Come out of NIIT and wide spread your query to all....

um, yeah... I'd love to visit India, but it's not going to be to visit your version of our community colleges.

We've got thousands of them. some are better than others, but i guarantee you none of them teach on 20-year-old obsolete compilers.

We've got thousands of them. some are better than others, but i guarantee you none of them teach on 20-year-old obsolete compilers.

I wouldn't be so sure about that... :icon_twisted:

hmm... yeah, i guess that was a rather bold assertion.

maybe some of the more provincial backwater ones do the same thing as NIIT.

I'd love to read whatever opinions from you all and I don't mind whatever you all are posting here , but mind to say , please try to speak in a more polite way ...... we can just discuss friedly over this matter :D ...no offense from me

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I agree with Chichiro

i've been nothing but polite :)

calling a 20-year-old obsolete compiler with deprecated libraries a piece of junk is just telling it like it is. anyone who teaches with such junk in the 21st Century is either guilty of professional negligence or just plain incompetent.

the truth is not constrained by niceties of politeness.

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I agree with you too...

and i agree with you. :)

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