hello all
my name is frida kiriakos and im a newbie in everything and i need lots of help, i am sure that i will find it here :) i am 22 years old just graduated, i majored in electrical engineering and training in network administration and web development.

best regards to everyone

hi and welcome! congrats on the recent graduation. hows the job search going? already landed or still looking? just curious, i majored in EE also, and getting that first job out of college was fairly critical.

hello, thank you so much, well i am training in a small company, the university training, we have mandatory 8 weeks training to graduate, i postponed my training till i finish all my courses so that i can get a chance to work when training is done, i know how hard it is to find a job, it seems to me they're going to hire me, i hope so :) what about you? where do you work? :)

sounds like you have a good program. we had a "co op" program that allowed work-study, but it was optional and many people didnt do it because it delayed graduation by a year.

i graduated right after the tech bubble popped and a lot of experienced developers were out of work. it was a very anxious time. i spent my last semester sending out scores of resumes and letters and filling out applications. as it turned out, i got hired right before i graduated, and was able to start right away.

since getting my BSEE, ive worked in a few different industries: construction, telecom, scientific instruments, and now medical devices.... i'd like to stay in medical devices. i find it challenging, rewarding, and i feel it has a sense of social purpose.

the thing about that first job, it will really determine the course of your career. yes, you can change paths later, but it becomes more and more difficult. I would recommend that you take that first position in the industry want to be in and doing the kind of work you like, and not just taking a job because it's available.

good luck. :)

thank you so much for the advice, you have a point, and i will keep it in mind :)

best of luck to you too