hi there. well finally i am from Mauritius. for those who have never heard about it before well, its a tiny island amidst the indian ocean. we hav sandy beaches, cryatal clear lagoons, volacanic mountains, rivers ect..... its really a nice oh i would say a paradise to live. we have the sunn all day long and now about myself
i am university student goinbg for my secong year now. And i like to Swim, Play badminton watch sprots porigrams, going out with friends and all

do tell me about the place you live and your other intersts and activites whan your not racking your mind after a computer thing !! :lol:

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Hi anastacia and welcome to Daniweb. I know I'm rather late in saying that, but then you're rather late in saying hello!



Late welcome to you anastacia. :)

I am from Canada and apart from computers, I live my life one BIT at a time. :D


hi there well i know i am late in saying hello but nevertheless i did say it finally !!! :D :cheesy: ;)

so anybody wanna say something the life in your country???
lets make this thread much more interesting guys
so just tell us more about you and hows life at your place!1 :o

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