First , introduce myself

4 years of LINUX, C++ network program development experience, LINUX platform engaged in high-concurrent network procedures, mass data processing program;
Familiar with modeling tools, process design, and detailed design;
Familiar with C++ language, TCP / IP protocol, UDP protocol, ARP protocol and other network protocol development process

Just now , I have interviewed with a company of US, I found my spoken English is not fluent and weak;
so you just need to teach me English, in turn , I teach you programming and Chinese;

Contact me by follow ways:

this is sleeping time, I go to bed

why don't you listen to VOA Special English!?
they will fill your head with their great historical accidents (from 10 000 years ago). how much they were kind to American Indians! And that the atomic attack to Japan was only a personal mistake & it was completely peaceful! And it is a lie. They will teach you that there's no torture from an American soldier. And American Soldiers save the world & pet the kids. And there was only 1 killed Iraqi harsh man! And it was not 1 million civilians! They will teach you that China's wall is nothing, instead come to White Sand Dunes & Death Valley! They are real! And much more Listen to the VOA.

Thank you for your note

Though I often listen the VOA, Listening can't be also improved ,spoken English and constructing sentence is not good

search "VOA Special English" in google!
it is a radio for English Learners. It has "New Dynamic English" & "Functioning in Business" shows that can really improve English. "New Dynamic English" MP3s can be found in!
but as I said, they will fill your brain with their useless culture and empty history!

this is probably the most interesting Community introductions thread i've seen yet.

oh my god......
you are making fun of me

oh my god......
you are making fun of me

no, well I'm not.... actually, i thought this was interesting because we've got a true partisan railing about VOA on this board.

at first i thought he was some kind of idiot zealot, and i was about ready to make fun of him, but then i looked into it a little bit, and he has a point about the history and culture stories being really watered down. but in fairness, they are no worse than US History textbooks used in our high schools.

so, here in the least controversial forum, i find new controversies.

interesting. :)

i find new controversies.

yes the most controversial topic, after your avatar! ;)