I'm 21 and i remember playing with an Atari.

Now let's check if we're getting old...

1. You understand what was written above and you

And I smiled.
I remember doing most of that especially weaking up early to watch saturday morning cartoons (I still do that :D ), walking to school. playing hide and seek instead of using my computer. Jumping on my bed and having pillow fights (I still do that too).

Oh, my god I'm Old.:D


This is so cute.

Being as I was the youngest, I had a special duty during our tv watching time. I had to stand holding the antenae, with aliminum foil wrapped around it to get the best reception, being told to move this way or that way to get the best picture. Luckily, it was a black and white tv with only 3 channels.

I'm young! :cheesy:

The majority of students in universities today were
born in 1983........They are called youth.

Sigh. I stayed in what you called the-olden-days kinda village with a friendly neighbourhood, where people don't worry about thiefs until I was 7 or so. Gates were left open wide. Thooooose were the days. :cheesy: Nowadays, I even hear people advising the ladies to prepare an extra handbag with no valuable things inside, ready to be snatched by thieves, so that they don't get hurt or etc when they try to protect their belongings. :(


I used to put an empty wallet on my backpocket... but then i realized, que sera sera... with an extra care that is... and when they ask for your things at knife-point, let them take it... what's a few hundred bucks compared to your precious life? NOT WORTH DYING FOR!


Does anyone remeber lawn jarts, the ones with the metal tips? Now those were fun to play with. Throw them up as high as you could and run like hell so you wouldn't have one sticking out of your head, because your mother would get really mad at you. :cheesy:

HAHAHAHA!!!! Lawn Darts!!! :D

LOVE EM! I found a set of them at a thrift store-- actually got carded when trying to buy them!

I was born in '82, so I can't talk much, but one of my favorite games was throwing the darts as high as possible, and whomever's dart fins made the loudest *snap* sound when it hit the ground won! I remember nearly getting hit with one, too!

Them were the good old days... DANGEROUS days, but the good old days... :)


It's amazing that we have advanced so much in science and technology in the past few years. We went for how many years with nothing, so to speak, and then have an explosion of technology. I think we live in wonderful times due to that. It's not so wonderful when you consider that kids of today don't understand what it is to go out and play and have fun. It's also not so wonderful when you consider that may people in other countries are still living as though none of this exists. Oh well, I guess that's the world we live in.

And yes..... I did read the first post and remember most all of it.... lol... I'm ancient... lol


nothing to worry about being old... our folks would think the same way, that we don't know how to appreciate the things that they did in their time... and now, we're doing the same to the youngsters. I'm sure they'll be talking about their version of old stuff in the next ten years or so... something like "...back in my days, we played with a very slow P4 5Ghz with 128MB VGA card..."

I wonder what technology has produced by then...


What I'm amazed at is how a 6 year old knows more about configuring Windows than her parents. I went to my friend's house and her cousin knew more about computers than when I was 14. Yikes!

When I was 14 I'd never seen a computer...
It was around that time my father got an original IBM PC Portable from work so he could take it with him to customers to show how modern they were (he didn't even have a desktop system at work at the time, only a dumb terminal to the mainframe he didn't know how to turn on).

Because of his hernia he couldn't lift the thing, so it more or less became mine.

That's when I learned programming, in IBM BASIC 3.2 (I still have the original manuals, dated 1986, it lists commands that are valid for casette tape equipped machines only...).

We had no printer, so the computer wasn't that useful for what it was intended for (word processing and spreadsheet work on its build-in 5" mono screen). As a result I typed my school reports (those that weren't required to be handwritten) on an IBM electrical typewriter (the one with the ball) after the mechanical machine broke down that my parents had owned since before I was born.

Gosh I start to feel old.


What I've noticed is that we've grown bigger and stronger, perhaps smarter, than people from 1900's :!:. What did we do the last 50 years? We made from a 2 meter computer this little pc that sits in front of us! I mean it took us 32 million years just figuring out that standing up can be a good thing. What do ya think will happen in another 50 years?..... :rolleyes:

Kids will spend so much time in front of a screen that they'll forget how to stand up, reverting evolution back to 32 million years ago :cheesy: :sad:


I remeber my first skateboard was the black Knight(the one with the clay wheels).That was the greatest. Even though you could hit one little pebble while riding it and go end over end.Just to get back up and start all over.

I dont think I ever spent more than 1 hour in the house as long as it was still light out.We were to busy building forts and riding bikes.(the old scwinn with the box handle bars).

I remember playing kick the can when it did get dark.Hiding in your neighbors bushes(and they didnt mind).Playing ding dong ditch'em.Walking on top of the back yard fence from my house to my friends(avoiding the savage dogs).

I have'nt thought about this stuff in years, Kind of nice to revisit it.


I remember seeing skateboards advertised and wondering what kids thought so much fun about them...

I remember my sister (who's one year younger than me) going crazy when she got a hoola hoop...


haha, people around here skateboard alot, im with jwenting and dont see the fun in them, the thing i most remember about my childhood was playing in the sand pile. lol my friend had a sand pile, sandbox my ass. And getting in fights with fights with my friend....I have a bald spot on my head from a fight lol, good times.

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