do you eat healthy food? what healthy food you eat? me i lways eating vegetables..

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Not really. By it's very nature the food in the US is only mediocre on the health level in the first place.

Overused land makes the nutrients and vitamins in vegetation low. By the time you get the veggies home from the market, most of the nutrition has leeched out simply because it's taken a couple days from harvest to shelf. And the industry insists on breeding 'better' veggies -- this means breeding them for shipping and aesthetic purposes rather than nutrition and flavor.

Feeding habits of animals (dried grain vs fresh for example) makes their meat lower in nutrition also. I guess the new saying is "you are what you feed what you eat"...

me i lways eating vegetables..

You could stir-fry them with spam.

You could stir-fry them with spam.

spam, eggs, bacon, and spam!

I stopped eating spam when I realised its not healthy anymore :( [Too much bad cholestrol]

Spam nowadays are low on nutrition and taste. Sigh.

What is the world turning into ?
A place where people can dish out cheap, low level spam and get away with it ?
Noooo! :'(

Just like Miller Lite, there is now Spam Lite. Turkey Spam is highly recommended and very good for you! I would avoid Signature Spam, that one simply suggs!

A day without Spam is like a day without healthy food. :)

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I stopped eating spam when I realised its not healthy anymore :( [Too much bad cholestrol]

Spam nowadays are low on nutrition and taste. Sigh.

Anymore? Nowadays? Since when was it ever healthy? :icon_confused:

spam, eggs, bacon, and spam

The problem with healthy food is that in most cases it doesn't taste good.

I went to a doctor for medical advice and a healthy eating recipe. He gave me green eggs and spam.

Should have known not to go to Dr. Seuss.

i am hypocrite if i say that i eat healthy food. I do have my cravings for junk foods. But I also eat healthy stuff. Like fruits, and veggies. I like caesar salad. I like fish. I try avoiding pork these days. I am a bit chubby so i think i need to get myself some fat burning pointers. whew!

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yeah i think so.. i usually take milk two times a day....

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spam, spam, eggs, bacon, spam and eggs!

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Here are some Did you know? facts to you, signature spammers.

1. Did you know that guest users cannot see your signatures ? So, whatever you are trying to do[sig spam ie.,] is futile.
2. Did you know that 99% of the registered members WILL NOT click on your spam links ? The regulars here know what to click and what not to click.
3. Did you know that your links in the signature are not followed [ nofollow attribute] by Daniweb ? [ie.,your signature serves no purpose to increase the pagerank of your site.]

Do you now feel enlightened ? :icon_rolleyes:

I try to eat healthy food, vegetables almost every meal. I cook myself if I have time, usually once a day. So I know what I am eating :D

>I cook myself if I have time, usually once a day. So I know what I am eating
So do you grill yourself? Boil yourself?

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Eating healthy is pretty easy once you get the hang of it. It can also taste good too. I fought it for years until I started seeing signs of high blood pressure. I didn't go to the doctor. I changed my lifestyle.

I stick with grilled or baked chicken, lean beef, brown rice, and steamed veggies. I also consume a fair amount of eggs, oats, and other whole foods.

The biggest problem I see with society is processed foods. Just about everything that is canned (like spam), boxed, or packaged in a factory has added sodium and sugar.

I am not saying make a huge change overnight. You are setting yourself up for failure. if you are not eating healthy, slowly add the healthy stuff and take away the unhealthy stuff. Continue to do this for a few weeks. You will be amazed how easy it is. Google healthy home cooked dishes too. It is amazing what kind of flavor you can add to food with spices and herbs.

not really :P and then i go to the gym. I love Mc donals, and those kind of food :P