we are doing a research for our thesis as a 4th year student in Information technology. However, we still do not know where to start since most of the thesis today are almost the same--enrollment system, payroll system, accounting system and a lot more. We are trying to look for a more different but not too complex system that we can create. It can be a system that uses hardware such as bar code reader or biometrics. Please advise. Thanks.

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At this point in your studies, you should be more than able to generate a couple of dozen ideas. Present them with your own quick take on feasibility etc; and we will be happy to add our own insights. Doing your work for you is bad form (and bad for you, too).

(If you are looking for something 'non generic', first consider what you and your team care about that is not IT: Pets, hobbies, family concerns ...)

hi.. were looking a site that we can get a related literature in enrollment and record management system..
can you please help us..
thanks a lot...

Hi we are in need of unique title but simple one. Anyone could suggest any idea with regards to all automated system program.

Please start your own thread with your request.

Thank you.

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