After high school I got into the automotive field, since the fall of the economy the automotive field has taken a dive. Jobs are extremely hard to find and the pay isn't enough. I've always had a interest in computers and I am looking to get into the field. I've looked into getting into computer science, because it seems to be a broad field, with lots of possibilities. My question is, what is the difference between computer science and things like computer programming or software engineering? And which would be the better degree to get? Which would be best to find a job with a good salary and a good future?

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Software development is as highly leveraged as automotive work, maybe more: When times are tough, the people who would like to make/get better software can always make do with what they have, when times are good, everybody wants to hire your time to make better software. If you want to work in a somewhat less variable job market, it appears that IT (system administration) work is a better bet: Whether or not there is new software coming along, the logs still have to be read, the hackers discouraged and the business servers maintained.


None, if you can find a job without it. No degree is sufficient if you cannot find a job with it. Your ability to get a job has only mild correlation with your degree, stronger correlation with your knowledge and work history and maximum correlation with your ability to sell yourself to the hiring manager.

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