Hey, my name is Alexander and i'm a 19 year old guy from Sweden. I joined this forum to get inspiration and ideas, but also to get new contacts who are also in to website marketing and administrating.

I love hanging out with friends and family but I guess I'm not here to alk about my social life. ;) I've done a 3 year long study in IT (netoworking, administration, security etc), 3d and 2d design, webdesign, databases, programming, different OS, and alot more.

Online marketing has been a huge interest the past 4 years since it's such a progressing art. Yes, I consider marketing an art which you have to learn over a long time. I always look for the latest and the highest payout with 0 investment marketing ideas.

Things I hate would be people who think they know everything or acts tough on the internet/irl for no reason. I also hate going to the dentist. When I hit 18 years of age I suddenly had "alot" of holes in my teeth that needed to be fixed, even though I had never had a hole before. (Actually they just had a new dentist who wanted some practise some drilling).

Laughing is something I do daily, without it I would be dead. So if you got something funny to say, then say it god dammit! :)

I am also admin of an Article Directory called: FullArticles.
An Article Directory is a place where you can publish your articles to have them re-published on other websites for free. This will grant you alot of backlinks.
It's also a great place for free content to add to your own website to get more visitors and readers.

Hej Alexander, trevlig att träffas :D