Hi guys,i don't no whether this is the best place to ask this Queschen or the post this thread,
Any how what i wonted to know is, As we know IDE (Integrated development environment) plays an important role in utilizing frameworks for
Enterprise Application Development.
Very briefly describe this “importance” factor?

so can i know what are the important factors that i must need to mention.(point out)


thanx in advance

I smell homework assignment. IDE is not really all that important -- enterprise application development can, and often is, done without IDEs.

IMO the most important features of a good IDE are:

  1. Allows the programmer to organize his/her project files
  2. Color codes the code's syntax for easier reading/understanding
  3. Highlights coding errors
  4. Easily compile the project files or the entire project with little knowledge of all that compiler's flags that may be necessary.
  5. The IDE normally contains a debugger that allows the programmer to step through the execution of the program one statement at a time, and view the changes of variables. There are a lot of other features of a debugger that I am not going to mention because that may require a whole book.

yep dear,,,,,this is a HW,,,,:)
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and no one else have any other idea

IDE provide a better environment to create a project or assignment.It also help to use lots of frame work at a time.