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Expect more innovative services to take over like highspeed wireless connections.
Far cheaper to put up than cables underground but so far it's not been worth it because of the price protection providers had.

That's what you get when the government prevents a free market economy: stunted innovation.


Expect fewer choices and higher prices.

The phone companies must give 1 year notice to companies like Earthlink before a price increase. Guess what.. the notices have already gone out... and the prices have doubled.

None of the Hardwired non-phone company ISP's will survive..

I do expect a surge in the wireless services...

Higher prices for all and BILLIONS for a very few...
(The real BUSH agenda)



I prefer cable modems. Mine has been nice and steady and very reliable.

At least it is not BPL. Broadband over Powerline is a rotten deal, especially in the incarnations of using medium high-frequencies to distribute the signal.

I think wireless in the 802.11 band is going to get out - of - control, but then again, that is OK because it is an unregulated service.



Cable already is a monopoly and has been for years. Have prices exploded there?

I know here at least cable prices haven't gone up because there's stiff competition from DSL services. Of course cable performance is poor and the service cable companies offer is terrible because they KNOW their customers have no choice (wrong in case of internet access, but true in case of television/radio service where they hold a government granted monopoly in their area of operations).

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