Hey guys, for some reason it says forum is closed for posting in the MAC thread. I had an eager question to ask... well maybe you guys can help me here:

I realize that the specs on Macs are so low. Like I wanted to buy a MAC until I saw the low specs of a 1.8ghz iMac G5. It's very expensive to pay that much for a 1.8ghz, so why not buy a higher end Pentium 4 PC that you can get for 3.0ghz at the same price? And you can probably get more Ram with that money. Thanks guys, please let me know.

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Hmm, well also Apple are moving over to intel next year so the machines price will drop a fair bit..

Note, you make one assumption, that a 1.8ghz G5 has the same computing power as a 1.8ghz P4. Clock speed isn't really the only thing that matters with computers, for instance a G5 has the altavec extentions (there spost to be damn good at vector processing) while the p4's do not.

I would say that a 3.2 ghz p4 would be a faster machine, But really unless your considering running Linux the construction of the operating system will have a large impact on speed as well.

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