i cant open any dmg files. stuffit expander opens and nothing happens. i tried dragging into applications with no result. i'm working on 0SX10.2.8. can anyone please help

Hi,Look in the preffs. of stuffit expender where it put the files after mounted . It could be there...or use diskimagemount. by default.Right click on the mousse

drag and drop the dmg file on disk utility, located in applications/utilities/disk utility, and it will mount.

alternately, toast will mount a dmg file, even some that disk utility reports as damaged

you should try upgradingyour OS to 10.3.8 or 10.3.9
these would be free (i think). you could also check your version of stuffit exp.
it might solve your prob.
other than that you may have corrupted .dmg

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