Okay, I just got a Mac OS (Version 8 point something, the date appears to be from 95-97) and I tried to install AOL onto it, not knowing that the disk was formatted for Windows. Well, the computer froze, so I shut it down. Now, whenever I try to start it up again, I see the normal start-up screen, but there is an icon of a floppy disk with a "?" on it, and it will not finish starting up the computer, it will just stay on that screen with the floppy disk Icon.

I'm not familliar with MAC's, I need help.
If you could tell me anything, tht would greatly be appriciated!


The Mac was trying to protect itself from you installing AOL. AOL is a bad thing.

Seriously, the flashing question mark indicates that your system folder under OS 8 has been corrupted. That, or it cannot find a hard drive.

When you reboot your computer, hold down the mouse button. It is possible that the computer is trying to boot from the AOL disk. Holding down the mouse button during bootup forces the computer to eject the CD-ROM.

If the AOL disk is already out, then boot with your Mac OS 8 CD-ROM, or from your Disk Tools floppy disk. Check your system folder to see if it is "blessed" meaning, if the little system icon is showing on the folder. If the folder is blank and boring like any other folder, then your System Folder needs some attention. Open it up, and drag the finder out of the folder. Close the folder. Drag the Finder back into it. See if the computer "blesses" it.

You can also run Disk utilities at this point to see if there are other problems with the disk.


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