Maybe those white shiny little boxes aren’t so great after all. That’s the message I got after Apple Computer pulled its free 30 day trial offer of its Mac Mini personal computer. On Tuesday, the computer maker posted an offer that allowed its customers to try out a Mac Mini free of charge for a month. If they didn’t want it, they could send it back and get all their money back.

Less than a day later, the offer was gone. Instead, a cheesy banner for financing was added, allowing customers to pay no interest for 120 days on any purchase.


Apple has not said anything about why it nabbed the promo. But form the sounds of it, whoever started this will probably be fired.

Mac Mini’s start at $499 and exclude a monitor. They are designed as simple, small, family computers, and feature OSX.

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Never saw any offer like that here (and I was in the Amsterdam Apple store yesterday to get some advise on the things for possible future purchase), must have been local to your country :)

ah, those too are regional. They don't seem to offer any loans here, or at least don't mention them before you click a purchase button (which I'm not doing yet).

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